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Kamis, 28 Juli 2011

Happy birth day mama

Happy Birthday mama

Jesus love you so much,
He bless you during this day, Thank you Papa Jesus
He give you the gift (yourchildren and your husband)

mama, we love you so much
maybe sometime, we often disappoint you but you always love us
maybe sometime, we often make you saddenent by accident but you always give urlove
maybe sometime, you look tired but you still be strong
maybe sometime, you look sad but you still be smile

mama, look at Jesus
He give you healthy
He give you longevity
He give you a wealth
He give you His peace

Let's mama,
give thanks to Jesus
let's mama,
make a wish to Jesus,
Jesus belong to you, mama
Let's mama,
raise your hand, then Jesus step in you.

With fullheart to mama

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